Saturday, March 20, 2010


Fireplace was in need of a little, SPRING BANNER...

So I whipped one up...all paper...and a little ribbon......EASY.
Now that's better....

We NEED a banner to announce SPRING here...since Mother Nature isn't cooperating...

A little "Vernal Equinox" project.....
We had a dusting of snow on the first day of SPRING.....
Mother Nature....she needs hormones....a little crabby!
Have a good one!


  1. Oh so cute! Love the white pitchers lined up across the mantle by size. CUTE!!!!!! So there Mother Nature! (Well it IS Spring here) sorry!

  2. Oh Kathy! Your banner is gorgeous, I hope it works! Have a sweet day!

  3. Hope the mother natures sees your banner and get the clue....we to had a dusting of snow here in Michigan.
    Warm wishes for the day

  4. Hope mother nature see your banner and takes the clue. We too had a bit of snow this morning.

  5. You give ol' mother nature the "whatfor", sugar! We need green grass and warm weather here in this desert. Your banner is adorable, sweetpea...

  6. Kathy,
    Your beautiful flower arrangement made me smile :)
    Happy Saturday.

  7. Love your SPRING banner Kathy. You should come on down to SE PA - it's spring here. I'm sitting out on our screened in porch as I type this listening to the birds singing. It's just beautiful here today for the first day of spring. I still have my St. Patrick's Day decorations up but I feel like getting out my EASTER decorations. I have a SPRING banner too that I made last year and I have an EASTER one too. I'm waiting for hubby to come home for lunch. Hope your days get warmer soon!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  8. Hhahahahhah !! snow ?? on the first spring day................what is happening it is rainig the whole day !

    Have a nice weekend hugd from me...............xxxx

  9. Beautiful banner!!!, but alas, it is snowing here also. No week it's back in the 50's!

  10. How clever of you to announce Spring and tell MOTHER NATURE to get with the program. Your decorating is so soft and beautiful. I so love your white pitchers lined up and the simplicity of the glitter eggs. Happy creating...

  11. I love your banner! What an inspiration. We're having lovely Spring weather here today but the dark clouds are moving in too quickly - the 'promised' rain will soon be here! Perhaps you will get our nice weather. Power of suggestion, you know.

  12. Maybe that sweet spring banner will wake up Mother Nature and kick in her hormones!!!

    Spring is going to be here soon. I just know it is.


  13. Great Job with your spring banner Kathy, and you may keep the snow, because I am so enjoying our warm weather, I think I might have gotten a little spoiled.

  14. Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you. I love your banner. Sorry mother nature is not cooperating in your area. Pretty nice here until tomorrow and then it is more rain and colder. We have had way too much rain. Happy Spring anyway.

  15. Your spring banner is adorable. And my favorite are the white pitchers on the mantel. Love & blessings from NC!

  16. Hi Kathy..
    first..Thanks for stopping by my place out here in the Mile High City of Denver Co..After a near blizzard yesterday,Mother Nature gave us a healthy dose of Vitamin C all day long..
    with clear blue skies and temps all the way up to..well 36! the snow melted from walks and streets, but remains on the grassy areas..and with the next couple of days in the mid 50's..that too should be gone soon!
    Yes..Nikon and Kodak are my trusty companions..
    love 'em both!
    Ill be back to visit..
    again, thanks for dropping in!
    warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

  17. Thank you for signing up to follow my Blog. I appreciate you taking the time to visit. I'm happy you did as it led me to yours here. Beautiful! I can see there isn't anything you cannot do. From your home decor, food, mixed-media - you are extremely talented and very creative! I will visit often :) Best to you! Marilyn

  18. Spring is surely in your cute!!!

  19. We had a beautiful first day of Spring but my son, who lives in Chicago, got snow. He was really bummed! LOL....Absolutely love your Spring banner. Hope it's a wake up call for her! Thanks so much for dropping by. xo Lynn

  20. It even snowed HERE today! You know how much I love your house. I've been looking everywhere for white pitchers like that. Where do you find yours?

  21. What a cute idea Kathy..Love your banner and pretty.
    Girl I have got to check out the your other post about the bread. Oh my gosh does that look good.
    Miss coming by here so I have to catch up.
    I hope you entered my giveaway...for some Paul Dean ends April Fools

  22. It is so pretty and cheerful. ((Big Hugs)) to you and your beloved. I did not know you were going through cancer. My heart goes out to you. Your hubby is lucky to have such a sweetheart by his side to lean on.


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