Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who knows how long this centerpiece will stay here...for today it's happy enough!
Found this little chick at Pier 1...after Easter last year for $1.00...I know!!! I couldn't believe it.
There were 3 of them...took them all...
Added a little flag and ribbons and made a little box with sparkly lid for him to stand on...
he looks like a HIM..don't you think?....with rosie cheeks !.

Tablecloth ...GW....very good deal!...

Come to think of it...the tray and the iron chairs were also Goodwill...eons ago...

I think if you pop into goodwill and resale shopes often enough...you can eventually find almost anything your heart desires...Materialistically...that is!
Was a glorious sunny Tuesday...after ANOTHER Post and Crown this morning and a Mammogram to follow, my love and I spent some time in the sun and even took in a show this afternoon.
Fabulous day...xoxo~Kathy
Hope yours was too...


  1. Your kitchen is lovely...very bright and cheery! Maybe the candles are playing ring around the rosie??? Cute centerpiece!!

  2. Oh what a sweet little spring fella on your table! Very cheerful.

  3. Loving that cheerful kitchen of yours. Just the right touches throughout.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  4. Love the centerpiece. How cute is that. It is just perfect surrounded by all the candles. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow! What a fantastic kitchen space - huge, bright and beautiful! I really love the candlesticks, lovely tablecloth and the wrought iron chairs - beautiful...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  6. I love your kitchen centerpiece! So adorable. I am thinking spring as hard as I can, but it won't come fast enough. Today it snowed all day. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Hi Kathy,
    How adorable is that lil chick! So cute, and I love love love your pastel colors. Makes my heart go pitty pat!! lol
    Love your kitchen it is so pretty and cheery.
    Glad you were able to spend some time with hubby and go to a movie, since the earlier part of the day was kinda eh! At least it would be for me!! lol Getting a crown and post and mammogram are not at the top of anyones fun list, at least I don't think so anyway!! lol
    Looks like the spring a sizing is coming along well. Looks very cheery. I am starting to get the itch but trying to wait till we get thru this weekend with hubbies birthday at least. I have learned to pace myself, so when that is over I might start or I may just make myself wait until closer to the 21st. We'll see!!
    Usually I have the same decoration from spring till the end of August, I do move the furniture around tho when summer arrives.
    well, you enjoy your decorating and hope the snow is starting to melt.
    So glad you reminded me of that when you read my monday manna post. I took 3 ideas out to save for a week or so. Thought it was insensitive not to preface it at least with these are for later on or something! I forget everyone that reads doesn't live in Florida!! Oh My heavens, there are days I wonder where my brain went. Out to breakfast I guess!! lol
    You have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Hi Kahty,
    Your kitchen is so pretty! I love everything about it - how you arranged the lovely pieces above your cabinets, the two tone wall colors, the cute centerpiece and beautiful table cloth. Tomorrow hubby and I are going to IKEA to buy a stand for our TV in our finished basement and to look at new storage units too. We're knee deep de-cuttering the basement. It's a work in progress. Sweet wishes to you and your sweetheart.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful, I drew in my breath when I saw it..you are quite a fantastic decorator girlfriend...
    sounds like a great day with your hubby after all the stress that dentists & mammograms bring.
    Peace on your home and your lovely marriage.

  10. Kathy I have a little snow man almost the same sitting on a little round box. I just put him away today...I'm thinking I might try to find him a little spring flag like yours, how cute! I really didn't want to put him away, so now I know what to do. Thanks.
    As for the post and crown? I just finished mine on Wed. Enough already!!
    I'm a GW shopper too, and your kitchen is very much like mine. The only difference is that I painted all my brown to mint green. You have the touch my dear, no doubt about it.
    Hope hubby is feeling good these days. I've been thinking about you.
    Send some of that nice warm weather my way. I'm leaving for Fla. in 11 sleeps, and tonight N.C. has snow : (
    Take care, hope the movie you saw was a good one : )
    Love Claudie

  11. Oh i love your beautiful home it makes me feel so warm inside, it seems so inviting and your centerpiece is so pretty.

  12. Kathy your kitchen just makes me so happy. i adore the color on your walls. What a beautiful space to enjoy. Thanks for letting us all in.

  13. Hi Kathy,

    Your table looks dreamy, and OMG did you make out like a bandit with your deals.....I'm envious!


  14. He is a cutie for sure.
    Funny how you just had to go and add you own touches to make him even cuter! Always the crafter :)
    You sure have a warm and cozy kitchen. Full of sunshine... no matter what the weather is outside. Just like you!

    Talk to you soon :)
    Bunny Jean

  15. The sun is shining here today too !!
    What a lovely kitchen you have woww!!

    And those chairs!! that pink leafs !! so cute i love them and what a beautiful spring doll thing !!

    I can not better started my day than open your post !!

    I feel wonderful.................enjoy hugs Ria

  16. Everything is so you:) Love everything..You have such great taste Kathy..You sure are packing in a lot of things:)

    I skip over the dentist parts~

    Love that chick.. unbelievable price..and your chairs? so cute!

  17. You have such a bright and airy kitchen! It looks like it just might be the hub of your home. The centerpiece is lovely.


  18. I love, love, love, your kitchen. The colors are beautiful! I love your valances on the windows and I also love how you painted your chairs and cover the seats. Beautiful!

    Lee Laurie

  19. I just love your some. So peaceful and serene.

  20. Hi Kathy. What a pretty tablecloth. That one caught my eye:) Actually, everything did. The little chick is so cute. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

  21. Looks like you are ready for spring! Nice centerpiece and accents, and beautiful kitchen.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your nice comments. Thanks, too, for following along. =D

  22. Hi, Kathy I just love your kitchen, actually I love your home. It's so bright and cheery. I love the stuff that is painted green in your kitchen the little chair the bowl, sail boat, tray. Did you paint this stuff? If so what green paint did you use? I would love to paint some of my things that same green.

  23. Hi, Kathy just love your kitchen. What green did you use to paint the bowl, little chair, sail boat and the tray? I would love to paint some of my things that green.

  24. Since I am one who hinted at a closer look at your kitchen, I must say thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us. You have created a most beautiful room. It is so bright and cheerful. I have always loved pastel colors and am happy to see there are others out there who also decorate in these colors. It seems like a lot of homes I go into are done in dark colors. While they usually look very nice, I don't think I could live in them.

  25. Kathy, I love your kitchen. Looks like a wonderful place to spend some happy time.


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