Monday, March 15, 2010


You know my motto is ..."You got it...I wanna see it!)....So I've been hauling out all the
Springtime I can find from my storage...
Think their glad to be out of their boxes...Once again!

A Young man was in our home the other day from Charter Cable ...To take a look at our T.V....
He kept looking around and finally said to my husband....
"Boy, You must have a lot of space for "SEASONAL" storage...."
I laughed and assured him we did...
Funny that a guy would notice that...and even funnier that he would comment!...
a couple days later I was in a local salon waiting to get a haircut and HE.....came in and recognized me...came over and said hello...and then let everyone sitting there know I was the gal with all the "SEASONAL" decorations!!!!!
That's called ...having your Reputation Proceed you...Yikes!!
Waiting for the schoolbus in spring...

A little springtime SWING in the neighborhood park...

Crackeled bunnies...( I made her a new pink collar!)...

Don't you just love spring....and the promise of all things new.
tickeling 60 here today!!!!!!
Get out there and have some fun...


  1. Hi Kathy....Kind of funny but I have not seen one Easter decoration where I live. I am thinking about getting mine out today. I think it is because of this long snowy winter we have had. Maybe I can start a trend in the neighborhood after I get my Easter wreath hung up!~Patti

  2. Storage is the one thing I don't have here, seasonal or other wise. I barely have room in my closet and it's not because I have a ton of clothes. It's that my house was built in 1940 and closets were much smaller then.

    And not to make you jealous, but we are going to have 80 degrees today!

    Hope your husband is doing well.


  3. are the girl with the reputation for having some of the most beautiful and inspiring seasonal displays in blog land too!!!! luv ya girl!!!
    and be glad it's not a reputation for something shameful!!!! hahahahahaha!

  4. I love your Easter things. So adorable. The bunny with the pink collar is so cute. I am going to try and get my spring/Easter things out today. I agree with you, I do love the thought of spring/new life/etc. Gives you a fresh outlook on life, doesn't it? I have a friend who is the Queen of seasonal. Seasonal decorating is fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. O Kathy...what a lovely bunnies i 'am in cute!!!! nice story..............beautiful stuff !!!

    Have a good week !! hugs Ria

  6. I love the "seasonal" story, Kathy!

    Your spring things are beautiful! I need to dig out more of mine, since we are back from the lake.

  7. All of your bunnies are just wonderful. I especially love the little one on the swing. What a wonderful collection. Hugs, Marty

  8. I love all your Bunnies you have more than me but then again I guess you have more seasonal storage that I. LOL. That was a cute story.
    Enjoy your Easter Bunnies. Love them

  9. Oh I love your decorations! I was the girl at work that decorated for each holiday at my desk and had a 'reputation'. Hey it could be worse!

  10. At least it is a GOOD reputation, Kathy!!!! What wonderful bunnies hanging around your home. My things should come out of storage this week. I am so far behind in my "Seasonal" decorating- Heck, I can't seem to find the time to vacuum the floors and dust the furniture in between the nursing. LOL I have to get to work on my birdie towel holder sometime soon, as well. Just looking for the right papers.... Take care, my friend. xoxo Sue

  11. That's too funny. I have one walk in attic that is devoted entirely to seasonal. One side alone is for Christmas (20 plus Rubbermaid bins). Yikes, I wouldn't share this with just anyone, but I think you can relate ;-).
    60 degrees in Michigan at this time of year is definitely cause for celebration. I love your bunnies and that big glittery pink egg.

    Have a happy day.

  12. what a lovely reputation to have, no worries there!!! your seasonal spring decor is lovely...very soft, pretty and charming!

    I'm always amazed when men notice things like that too! lol

    ciao bella

  13. Hi Kathy,
    He probably knows about it cause he either has a wife or Mom who loves to decorate. My son would notice that too!! Ya know I think that men really enjoy seeing a home that is nicely decorated and homey, cause I have had a lot of fellows comment on our home too. And I have had some ladies say they can just feel the love when they come in! It is a true blessing to hear that!
    I think that is a good reputation to have, cause it shows you love and care for your family and have created a lovely atmosphere for them.
    My hubby says guys can buy a house but they can't make a house a home, it takes a lady!! lol I agree, course, I have to say I have some friends that their hubby's do the decorating,
    and they do a pretty good job! and their wives don't really like decorating, so guess it is good someone does.
    That was neat that he noticed and that he told on you!! Made me think of a recent article by
    Michael Lee over @ designs by Gollum. she has
    a news letter and she made up these stories to go with each room, and she said what are your rooms saying about you!! It was pretty cute,
    but I told her now I am worried about what my rooms might be saying about me!! lol,
    All your bunnies are delightful and fun!
    It was probably a fun retreat for that guy!!
    Have a great day, you lil seasonal storage hog!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. So cute!
    I hung my Spring wreaths does that count? astute was that?:)

  15. Love your Easter decor...very sweet! hugs, Jennifer

  16. I don't have EASTER decorations out yet. I'm hosting my neighborhood BUNCO group Wednesday (which is St. Patrick's Day) so I have started to put out St. Paddy decorations. It's a bittersweet day - my Mom loved celebrating St. Patrick's Day - but she passed away on St. Patrick's Day so it's a day I'm still not sure what to do. But with having the neighborhood gang here perhaps that will help to lessen the sadness of the day. I'm sure my Mom would want me to celebrate and not be sad. Anyway I love all of your EASTER spring decorations. And that pink bunny bow is so pretty. PS - your 40th anniversary ruby ring is just beautiful and how clever was that to photo it on the pretty flower!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  17. Hi Kathy! I think it's a great compliment that little guy would notice your pretties! :)
    Now what a great collection of darling little bunnies! The new pink collar is so sweet.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Kathy, what a funny story. My hubby thinks I have a lot of "stuff" but I have a feeling you have me
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pieces. You must have a great camera that picks up all the lovely details.
    Happy Spring!

  19. You must have a lot of gorgeous things for him to notice and remember. Love the treasures you've shown.

  20. Hi Kathy! I think that is a pretty good reputation to have! You have such cute things!!



  21. How sweet your Spring collections are. Yes, surprising that a young repair man would not only notice and comment but also recognize and remember you and your fun collections. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi Kathy - I just loved your post today. The little bunny on the swing is so sweet. Don't you just love Easter decor. It is so uplifting. I posted a few myself if you want to take a peek. Have a wonderful evening. Deb

  23. So how do you store your seasonal stuff? I seem to have a hard time keeping it all organized. Love your bunnies. Smiles, Marla

  24. Oh Kathy! I LOVE your Easter collection! I ended up giving mine away (along with Halloween) 'cause I don't have storage space! Oh well, my kids and grandkids are enjoying them!
    Hope things are going along smoothly!
    Big Hug

  25. Your spring decorations are so fanciful! I love them!
    funny story too!

  26. Thank`s for your nice comment!
    Beautiful pictures on your blog!

    Hug from Maia, Norway

  27. Hi Kathy,
    I know what you mean..I get that question all the time. I blame my excess on being an elem school teacher for so long. We just went from one holiday to the next!
    I wish you could have mad my St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl..we had a great turnout.. Stop over for some soda bread and tea and a few smiles..then I put all the St. Pat's away and onto Spring!
    Blessings on your 40th..ours will be in May..
    Hope we don't have a falling out before then! LOL

  28. I just have to ask where did you get the cute bunny on a swing, I love that, would love to know where it came from...I love all of your wonderful bunnies, I will be back again and if I am not a follower I am now...come on over and see my rabbits....Phyllis


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