Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Heart Tells Me This Is The Perfect Day........

Morning rain, only mind said heart said beach..... Heart wins....A "Beach Day" with Perfect little toes....

a "Dancing" beach girl...

Exploring little fingers......wondering little eyes...


Today= Priceless.......xoxo~Kathy.


  1. Oh what a priceless day indeed. Such sweet and wonderful memories. I'm so glad you gave into your heart. Hugs, Marty

  2. You could never get this day back.....there will always be work...what a wonderful day and great pics!...becky

  3. You can never get this day back....there will always be work! What a beautiful day and great pics....becky

  4. Kathy--Your photos ARE priceless. Money can't buy this kind of happiness ( or this kind of cute for that matter :)! Work will always be waiting for you!

  5. What a glorious day! You have some cuties! How fun to watch them play, learn, and live!

  6. The best days of your life are ones spent with little ones:)

  7. These are my fave pics! And I have loved them all! Beautiful!!!!!I am going to send the link to my girls:) Yes..a perfect day.The best days.

  8. What precious little sweeties! And the photographs are great. Frame some!

  9. How sweet of you Nana....It was a wonderous day...Thank you all my sweet friends for your comments and expressions of love, xoxo~Kathy

  10. Good for you Kathy! Work will always be there, memories are precious! I'm so glad your heart won! The little ones look so happy! (they are so adorable!) Your photos are great!

    Thanks for taking us along and sharing your precious memories with us!


  11. Oh, yes...once I became a grandmother, everything else got put on hold. My oldest is 24 and a mother youngest is 7 and we all hang on to her and try to make her stay little forever. Well, of course, not really.
    But...remember how you missed your own as little your grands are going to grow even faster than your children did. I am getting lonesome for them all to be little again.
    May I just say that last Oct. our whole entire family, minus 3, were able to go on a cruise. I was so in Heaven, I could barely function. It was woonderful to have my two children, their spouses and all the kids together...I cried most of the time, from pure joy.
    I am such a titty baby, anyway!! :O)

  12. BJ...How wonderful... a family must have been in heaven...I looked at those sweet tiny toes and knew it would seem like tomorrow before they are grown and off to make their mark in the world...Bwaaaa! xoxo~Kathy.

  13. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,


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