Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A tad more of Michigans finest... Mackinac Island!!!...I sound like I'm working for the Chamber of Commerce!...

Serious biking happens on the Island ...Packed the day we happened to be there...
People stop and build the most interesting rock sculptures all around the Island...Which makes the bike ride even more fun! I shot a series of these sculptures, the "Rock Series" for another time., like in the winter when water and sunshine will be a breath of spring...

Interesting landmarks everywhere...

That arched rock got my attention!!!!...

Bye, Bye, Mackinac...we'll surely be back soon!, xoxo~Kathy

Tomorrow I will start to share the Master Bath ...Just finished it today! Why I waited so long to do this I'll never know, ...til then, xoxo~Kathy. If you look to the right sidebar I posted a couple of shots!!


  1. Ohhhhh!, Kathy ~ Am going to LOVE this bathroom. Your post pics today are, as always, awesome. Makes one feel as if we were there ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. ok, I have always wanted to go to Mac Island, my BFF was raised there and she hasn't been back since she was a child. When I look it up on the internet, I can't figure out where you fly in to, and just WHERE it's located to help me make my plans. Can you help?

  3. love the pics, this is a place we have wanted to visit but something always comes up... maybe next year!

  4. Pretty pretty!! We have similar rock sculptures here and there also:)..we say Inukshuk..:)

    They look like stone people:) People put them outside their homes.. in the gardens..not many.. a few..

    When we went to Bleu Lavande the town of Magog was busting like that too!
    Here..Sunday was like that for our street fair.
    It is so much fun to see:)

    Exciting? For You? For me yes:)

    Your bathroom looks great wish I could enlarge the photos..I will have to be patient..I am thinking of my sunroom soon.

    Very pretty Kathy.. everything!

  5. O, my...what a LOVELY town. It just makes me wonder how in the heck we ended up on the Plains of West Texas..not a pretty thing in site!! Thanks for taking us along..and your photos are out of this world.
    Your blog is fast becoming one of my very favorites!! Just love it.

  6. Sandi... Mackinaw is an out of the way place and there are rural airports, (Pellston), but very expensive to fly into... Your best bet is to fly into Detroit or Grand Rapids and rent a car for the 5 hour drive, then take the boat over to the Island. You could fly into Traverse City, but I'm sure it would be substantially more$...Let me know how that works out for you, xoxo~Kathy

  7. You have such an "eye"! Your photography is wonderful. I so enjoyed the tour!

  8. Kathy, Thanks so much for the reply, I kinda thought that's the way it looked. Too bad that it's so far to drive. I have to drive 6 hours to get on a plane, then fly there, then drive 5 hours? Hmmm... might rethink this one. But I love the photos! Thanks again!

  9. Oh, Kathy! This is one place I want to go to so badly. Your photos are so beautiful! Maybe one day I'll get to ride a bike down that lovely street! If I'm not too old! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  10. We spent a lovely week, in this part of the world, three years ago! Absolutely love it! Thanks so much for bringing back some great memories, for me!

  11. PS: When we went to Mackinac Island and other points of northern Michigan, we rented two vans. Our family was with us, as well. We drove from St Peters, Missouri, non-stop, other than quick ones. We were on the road 14 hours. Upon our return home, we stayed over night, about half way. Either way, it was worth the time and travel. We'd do it again!

  12. Such a beautiful place. It has been many years since I have been there, but it looks as lovely as ever. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Oh Kathy, how I love Mackinac Island. I wish I lived there. Somewhere In time Is my favorite movie. Did you get some fudge while you were there....yummy. Thank you so much for bringing back some wonderful memories. Take care...Kathi

  14. I remember Mackinac being featured on HGTV as one of the top Christmas towns. Awesome that there are no cars.


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