Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hung the wire mail basket here...

this is where the frame ended up...

Another project checked off the list!!!!
Thanks to my Love!!!!!
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. How pretty and how fun. Isn't it wonderful to get things all checked off of our lists. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. C'est tres magnifique! Well worth the wait, I must say!!!

  3. Wow! That turned out great!! Glad i wandered onto your blog.


  4. Hi Kathy,
    I love the imagination that it took to make this black board look so wonderful. Love the wire letter holder and the way you used the frames.
    Very pretty.


  5. Kathy,
    It looks great and functional, too!

  6. Hi there! Just got caught up on reading your blog as I have not had much time lately for doing any of my favorite things. Well, working outside is favorite, but I love to blog! Glad to hear that your hubby is getting ready for the last of the chemo, keeping my fingers crossed for it to do its magic! Love the "new" chalkboard! The little easter baskets, and other things. Hope you have a great day!

  7. It is so nice and such a large writing surface too. Aren't our guys great to help us with our projects. My hubby hang some picture shelves from IKEA in my craft/sewing area yesterday. Such a sweetie!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  8. Your chalk board really rocks! Your style just seems to come so natural to you! Your home is lovely and warm feeling! I keep thinking shes only 3 hours away from here! Keeping you and your husnamd in my prayers! God is awesome! Have a great week. XO Fran.

  9. Kathy, dear, it never hurts to have a great man to help you make your wishes come true. :) Made me smile when I read this. It's lovely. Really creative and lovely. I could never think of triming it out so sweetly!! Never! Few could. You have unique ideas and I love it!

  10. So pretty! He did a great job trimming it, and you did a wonderful job painting and decorating it! Where could I get a mail basket like that? I hope it's not one of a kind, I love it!!! :)

  11. Your bulletin board is so pretty!! I love the facelift. Great job!!! Glad to hear that your hubby is getting along good with his treatments. Praying for him. Love & blessings from NC!

  12. A beautiful functional piece! WOW!

  13. I love this, Kathy. I want one one just like it.:-)

  14. Regan....
    I found the basket at a Goodwill...
    so not sure where it origionally came from!

  15. Hi Kathy,
    Wow! I love how your chalk board turned out! I have a rather busy frame siting in the garage right now that I was going to paint and turn into a chalk board for our home office. I really love how you put the smaller frames inside the big one and the wire basket is awesome.A very smart idea!!!! and its pretty too.
    What a great team you both are.
    I am so happy you received the shawl and that you like it, the little white heart was fun to make and I wanted to give you a little something extra to open from my heart to yours.
    Every time I read your blog and I'm sure everyone else that does, comes away with the feeling that you are a warm,loving,creative and fun person. Kathy you are true delight.
    Have a wonderful day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  16. Morning Kathy,
    I love love love what you did! so smart and creative and different. Hubby did an excellent job on the trim, so elegant and pretty. You would never know there was a plain chalkboard under all that!! lol
    Decorating is theraphy isn't it!! It sure is for me! I think we are always happy when we are creating, after all, God was the World's best creator, and he always said this is good, when he finished!! I think we are suppose to enjoy our creative abilities he has given us to!!
    You certaily look like you are enjoying it, that is wonderful, enjoy looking at that new eye candy. So neat! Am already praying for Daves pet scan.
    Blessings hon,

  17. O Kathy

    This is so beautiful done !! my compliments for you!!

    Love and blessings and hugs from me.............

  18. Hi Kathy!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet words!

    I love Cadillac! I spent all of my summers there when I was younger. My grandparents had a cottage on Lake Mitchell ( Forest Lawn to be exact. Right down the road from the Country Club!) We went to the Peninsulas every chance we got. I still do! I love it there! We live near Midland now so we take the drive quite often.

    So nice to meet another blogger from Michigan!


  19. Oh, Kathy, it looks fabulous! You and your husband did a fantastic job! Love, love it!



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