Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I'm thinking of all things white...and shades thereof...
I totally re-arranged the house on this rainy day today....
almost finished and happy with the new arrangments....
You must do that too, we all like to mix things up ....
I put our kitchen table on the summer porch and added white sheers on some of the windows.
Love watching the wind blow them in summer...
re-arranged almost every room...
Here are just a couple photos of White objects....
Trying to keep that pallet for the summer...
with pastel accents...
and just a few surprise blacks here and there. She is not mine...but I wish she was...
So whats's your pallett this summer....your dominating color? ....
These were a dollar at the GW....can you imagine making these and selling them for $1.00?
almost breaks my heart... think I'll make pin cushions out of them...someday!

Pieces of lace all tied up in white ribbon...under glass...
I had an organizational moment !!!!

Have had these wall plaques for years and cannot remember where they came from...
only know they remind me of my heritage...Scandinavian...

Happy White Wednesday....It is here anyway!


  1. This is a wonderful White posting. I love those little baby shoes to pieces.

  2. Oh Kathy! I love 'white' you've done here!
    I'm always into white, my walls are white, bed spread furniture....with accents of teal, pink and green...those are my colours these days!

    I just love the organized lace trims tied with a ribbon and placed in a beautiful that is...and clever to boot!

    have a great night!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Hello Kathy.....the second time today reading your was a perfect day here the sun was shining and when i came out of the shop i sit outside with the nice glass of wine............enjoying al the post and beatiful things on blogs.............what a gift so after work...........tomorrow we have a day off...the weather must be we go to enjoy things outside.........sleep well ..........hugs and blessings from me..........

  4. I don't think my first comment went through so will rewrite it. lol
    Love your White Wednesday post especially the angel.
    Hope your doing well

  5. I like that pretty pile of lace displayed under glass...but then again, I pretty much like everything you do!

  6. Most gloriousness! Glad you got so much done. Wish I had your energy! :)
    Oh, those sweet darling little crocheted booties! How precious!
    Hope you've had a nice Easter and are doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I hope all is going well for you and your family, honey. I think of you each time I go on my google reader and see your blog. I try to keep up but with over 200 "favorites" it ain't easy, sweetpea.... ;-)

  8. You're so ambitious! I rearrange nothing:) I''l d fresh flowers..sometimes buy a new item..Decorate for holidays..but the rest of the time? It's always the same:) Love whites..Maybe you'll get me going..

  9. Such gorgeous pictures and what beautiful items. Love them all. Such soft and lovely shades of white. Hugs, Marty

  10. My sweet baby girls wore crocheted booties like those home from the hospital when they were born. So adorable!!! I am thinking about doing a white room at my house. I have been so inspired by all the gorgeous white rooms on various blogs. Enjoyed your pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  11. Kathy, your whites are gorgeous, love the bicycle & those baby booties especially. You are sooo creative.

    No, no! I rarely move anything except to clean or clean around. Once I place something it is where I want it forever ...

    Hope you & hubby are doing well.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. Kathy ship me some of your energy girl ha ha!! oh I love those sweet little booties too cute and so much work to give to GW....Loved your post today girl...have missed you but back home again so I'll be around to visit once again...I pray all is well with Dave my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. I'm not a "white" person, except for my kitchen cupboards, but I did love the look and feel of your post.


  14. Your whites are just glorious!
    I love the baby shoes, too.

    My dominant color this Spring would be cream, a creamy, crazed white. I just can't get enough of that!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  15. Very refreshing and soothing. I can imagine the lovely sunshine pouring in to enhance the pastels with the whites. Happy decorating...

  16. I am so glad you rescued those booties for a dollar! That is a crime! I know you will love and cherish them properly! Good save!!!

  17. Hi Kathy,
    Love your white bicycle with the flowers! I have been thinking of doing something with white in my primitive house.....HMMMM You are putting thoughts into my head LOL Love and hugs to you and Dave! Cathy G

  18. I love all your white goodies. Love the lace under the glass. Very pretty. I just changed our the stuff in my china cabinet to all white and some silver mixed in. So fresh for summer. Thanks for stopping by.


  19. Love the whites. your wall plaques are nice. I am thinking of shades for my flower gardens. soft pinks and whites this year in the beds. I will have sunny yellows, oranges and reds on the deck.
    I enjoy your blog.

  20. Adorable booties! and what wonderous lace!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Wonderful white wed post...the baby shoes are so sweet(:

  22. Lovely 'white' photos. I like the wall plaques. I did originally think about decorating my cottage in the Scandinavian style with lots of white but I tried it in my bedroom and thought it was a bit cold so I've now gone for warmer colours.

  23. Oh; the wonders of white! Beautiful!

  24. Such pretty whites Kathy! I love the bundles of lace you did. This spring my color seems to be pale aqua...I'm adding it everywhere!

  25. Don't you love it when you get one of the "organizational moments?" I do, because they don't come all that often. Love those little baby shoes. Pincushions is a wonderful idea!

  26. I love all your WHITE, but that would never last in my house with my 3 crazy kids! ;) So pretty for spring!
    Betsy ;)
    A Day In The Life....

  27. Hi Kathy,
    You certainly have a way of making everything look so lovely. Of course, I love anything white.
    I especially like the lace trims all bundled up so prettily.

    Great post.


  28. Hi Miss Kathy,
    Looks like you have been having some fun!! Love those sweet baby booties, just adorable, and they would make cute pin cushions or vases for small flowers. I love anything white!! I have white stuff all over my fireplace cause it shows up so well there. Hope all is going well with Dave.
    Take care hon, Blessings, Nellie

  29. Oh Kathy!
    thanks so much for your visit!I'm gettin to know your blog and what's not to love here?? Your photos and you projects are delightful!
    I warn'll have a hard time gettin rid of me ;))))
    xo Flaviana


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