Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Had a little time to get my "Martha On" created a little something that's been swimming around in my head for a while...
always nice to get it out of there...
so as other things can move to the forfront!..Lol...
Have been noticing these darling Shabby roses a few bloggers have made ...
figured it was my turn....I gathered my supplies and went to town!!!!

After I got the hang of the roses...(very easy by the way)...added some pearls and thought...
I'll make a necklace...
natural transition for me..seeings how Kathy's my name and Jewelry's my game!

How fun is THAT!!!!!

I stopped long enough to give you a peek...

have a few more ideas I'm off to create a little more.

First ...a shot of the cutest tray I found in Lansing at the GW...
didn't even have to paint it...just a little scrubbing...

Are you finding some time to do what makes you happy today?
Hope so!


  1. That necklace is fabulous!! Love it and love the fabrics you used!!

  2. How cute is that? And I love the lace rose. So pretty!


  3. Hi Kathy, The necklace is beautiful! I love the tray too, looks like you had a very creative day. I too did manage to get a little "me" time in just to craft a bit...Have a super day! hugs, Jennifer

  4. Love the necklace, what a great idea.


  5. Ooh la la Kathy,
    I wish I could reach right through this computer and grab that tray and everything on it. Especially your gorgeous necklace. So pretty.
    Love, love, love it!!


  6. How beautiful!! You have a flair to make such gorgeous things and I love reading your posts!xxxxxxxxxx

  7. The necklace is gorgeous!! And you say the roses are easy??!!! Love that try, too. You have put it to good use!


  8. Hi Kathy,

    The necklace looks great. I'm going to give this one a try!

    Second Hand Chicks

  9. I love your shabby roses and how you made such a sweet necklace. Always amazed at the goodies your GW has and how you find them. Fabulous tray. Finished a scrap book today and made some cards to mail, it is a good day. Happy creating...

  10. These are so pretty; I've been wanting to make some and think you've given me the inspiration.

  11. Love the necklace!! Very pretty!!

  12. It is so beautiful done .......this necklace !!

    Wow Kathy...i have worked today in the shop...and this evening my friend come over we had a lovely evening..................enjoy,take a wine,bit of cheese.............nice nice !!

    Hugs from me ..............Ria

  13. Kathy..You did a great job:) And pretty pics..I have a few favorite necklaces..and one of Nana..another 3 of my grandsons names..and the latest is a gift from one of my DD's.. Large denim roses:)

    I have only worn it once..It felt so yours must♥

  14. You are a true creative genius, Kathy! Excited to be heading UP NORTH this weekend. Aren't we blessed to live in this beautiful state! Happy ... happy ... Michigan spring!

  15. Oooh, those roses are really pretty, Kathy.

  16. ooooohhhh! Loving it! How beautiful the inside of your head must be!

  17. Kathy, your necklace is gorgeous!! I love it. The little bit of turquoise added to it is so pretty! And your try is really nice. I went to GW today, but didn't find anything. Some days are just like that. Love & blessings from NC!

  18. Hi Kathy! Oh, you are the most marvelous one! Your little roses are so adorable! Love the little necklace! You're so good. The tray is lovely too. I know you just laid that pretty necklace on the towel, but wouldn't a towel be pretty with some of those roses sewn on it?
    When you get rich with this, you'll have to pay me royalties for my idea! :)
    Now you keep those compliments coming. I love 'em.
    Did I tell you I'm having a party on May 7th? I would love for you to come. There' a little button on my sidebar that will tell you all about it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Kathy.....Very cute and creative! I love that tray. I have never seen one quite like that one! I am trying to find some time to be creative myself..I need to be better organized...I think.~Hugs, Patti

  20. Those are just beautiful, Kathy!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  21. Oh I love that tray, and how pretty you made it look!

  22. Hi Kathy,
    Absolutely love your rose necklace, It is stunningly beautiful. Like your pretty tray you found too! That was neat that today was your first day for white Wednesday too! It was something different for a change. You made the try look so inviting and it looks so pretty sitting on the bed. You just do good work Girly!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Blessings, Nellie
    Thanks for stopping over today good to hear from you as always.

  23. Oh my, look at all this delicious eye candy!! Thank you for that wonderful snack!

  24. Oh my gooooodness.......your posies are DELISH....I am going to have to give those little cuties a whirl.


  25. Gorgeous necklace; I love the roses - so beautiful.

  26. Wow! That looks fabulous! Such a gorgeous necklace.


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