Monday, April 5, 2010


Have been pumping out the projects like there is no tomorrow....
Keeping my hands busy...theraputic....
Picked up this frame at the MAXX for a couple dollars...and knew what I'd do with it ...(it was all white!)
A little mixed-media frame now...
I enjoy making these...gets the creative juices flowing...
Clock arms....why not?...
A bird and nest Stamp...

I love this clip art...I've used her on many a tag...she is a doll with her little bird!

Roses ribbon've seen before on other projects...I have a plethera of this...
I also like that word...plethera!!!!

I'll show you where this ended up ...tomorrow...
Today was the 5th round of chemo...
Always a long day for both of us...His lab work was good so they gave the okay to start the Chemo.
As usual...he is resting now with the fanny pack attached to him until Wednesday.
While we were there ....Daughter Beth came with the Grands and McDonalds for lunch....Thanks Beth!
Daughter -in-love , Sherri also stopped in to visit,
Always fun...and helps pass the time.
Apart from a few mechanical glitches all went well.
Two weeks from today will be the last Chemo...I will keep you posted as to the P.E.T
scan scheduling....
We are soo anxious to get that over with and see the results...
Trusting you all had a wonderful Easter with your families and friends...
again I say "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WEATHER"!!!!! amazing!
Such a gift!
Thank You each and everyone of you for your uplifing and thought provoking comments...
You have made blogging a wonderful and anticipated experience for me.
You are truely the shining GEMS in my life...
May God Bless your lives to overflowing...


  1. Love what you have done with the frame!!! You are so creative. Hopefully all will be well with your hubby once the chemo is done. But sounds like you have the right frame of mind. Happy thoughts are always the best.

  2. Oh, Kathy, I hope Dave does well & we are all anxious to know his PET outcome. Prayers lifted for great news.

    So glad you had the children come by for visits ... great perk me ups are those wee ones.

    I love the frame, you come up with really snazzy creations ... I said 'clock hands OMG' ... trust me I'd never have thought of this.

    We had a great brunch with our Joshua & his Ashley on Easter. You can pop over to read what else happened on our way home.

    We had the 3 wee ones for 3 days early last week & had a lovely time with them ... they know how to keep us hopping ... & vital, chuckle.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Well, blogger DUMPED my first note, durnnit!

    I hope that Dave does well & we are anxious with you as to his PET results. Give him a hug for us.

    Your frame is so unique ... I said '?clock hands?, omg how clever! I am always amazed with your beautiful pieces.

    We had a lovely Easter brunch with Joshua & his Ashley. You can pop over & read about our trip home.

    We had the 3 wee ones for 3 days last week & they keep us hopping & vital. We had a grand time.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. Great project:)The roses ribbon is beautiful..where do you find it? I find it just finishes off the projects perfectly..Very very pretty~

    We have the same bike:)Are you a bit surprised?

    So nice your family joins you on days like today..I really think all this fabulous weather is for you..You said you needed it:) We are just happy to share it w/ you~

    Continued courage to you~

  5. I'm so glad you had a Happy Easter! I'm praying for those PET scan results!!!

    Have a great week Kathy!


  6. Dear Kathy
    I hope you are enjoying Easter, I'm glad to hear you are having lovely weather.
    I pray all will go well with Dave and hope you are taking care of yourself too!
    Lovely to see you have such a beautiful, loving family.
    P.S. Your frame is genius!

  7. Your frame is such a work of art, but that bike in your header really catches my eye. The old bike I purchased is waiting for a paint job. I haven't decided on the color, white or aqua. Maybe both!
    You, Dave, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Thankful for family time and Dave's chemo treatments going well. Prayers continue. Your mixed media frame is wonderful. Happy creating...

  9. The frame turned out lovely! I love mixed media and you are a pro at it!

    Wishing Dave well with this last bit of chemo and sending prayers your way, sweetie!


  10. Hi Kathy

    I've been catching up on your posts I managed to miss. When I lived in Chicago, we used to go to Sagatuck several times a year. Such a pretty town I am happy to hear that Dave is doing well. I'll keep sending those prayers heavenward for him. Also glad to hear that you all had a nice Easter. The baskets, etc. were all so lovely. I'm sure all the kids were thrilled!


  11. Thank you all for your prayers...We feel them.
    Monique...I cannot for the life of me remember where the roses ribbon came from...
    Have had it a while...if I ever see it again...Ill pick you up some...

    Cindy....Please paint it Aqua...I saw one that color and it was wonderful!

    Tamerie...Yes...Saugatuck! a fun artsie place!

    Love to you all, xoxo~Kathy

  12. Cute, cute, Kathy. Great job!

  13. Hi Kathy, your so creative, the frame is wonderful...I wouldn't have thought of using clocl arms but it is awesome! I'm send prayers to you and your husband...I pray everything will go well with his chemo and for a quick recovery....Hugs, Jennifer

  14. Hi Kathy! Oh, good news about your hubby. He'll stay in my prayers for completely good results and for you, Dear One, to have peace.
    Love your frame! You're the most creative one!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. Hi Kathy:
    I'm really liking what you did to that frame. What a knack you have for collage! I'm looking forward to seeing the end product. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, prayers for your loved one...and that the test results show that the sickness has been driven away.

  16. Glad things are going fairly well for your dear the frame...all the special kind of frame!

  17. Kathy, I love the frame that you've created here- you are so talented. I hope that all works out well with Dave's treatment. Life takes such twists and turns, but prayer certainly does make a difference, I am convinced. Please know my thoughts are still with both of you.
    We are still dealing with so much here on this end. PT and a strong will should result in some great strides. He is working on using one crutch and using the leg brace as a second crutch. All to try and build muscles that have atrophied. Also trying to put so me weight back on him. Who would've thought I'd be telling him to eat more? LOL
    xoxo Sue

  18. Good that you have a craft (or several) to busy yourself and you are so excellent at what you do! I know you are so anxious for hubby's chemo to be over and you and your precious one can get on with life. God bless you and Dave and prayers for his quick recovery!

  19. That is really beautiful! I like all the touches you've added!
    Hope you had a great Easter- ours was just perfect- and thanks to the wonderful weather, we actually had a bbq!

  20. Oh that sheet music frame is so awesome!

  21. I'm so glad you had a Happy Easter! I'm praying for those PET scan results!!!

    Have a great week Kathy! give your husband a big hug from me..and don't forget yourself sweetie !!

    You are in my prayers !!......hugs from me xxxxx

  22. Thinking of your husband and sending lots of well wishes from Sydney x x

  23. Hi Kathy, I love what you did with the frame, the images are perfect! Sorry I havent' been around much but I started back to school full time and with my part time job on top of that it doesnt leave me as much time for visiting. I keep Dave, and you, in my prayers though. I am so glad it sounds like everything is going well with his treatment. God is good! And yes, this weather is such a blessing!

  24. Hi Kathy....Hope you had a nice Easter! I love the frame! So pretty and interesting to look at! Good luck with the final chemo and I am hoping and praying for positive results!~Hugs, Patti

  25. Hi Kathy,
    A Big hug for Dave! You all are so loving and so supportive, Dave will be better in no time. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    I am so happy that you all are Enjoying some beautiful weather!we had rain the last few days but today is really clear but cool.
    Big hugs and a warm smile for you,

  26. Love what you did with the frame, Kathy! You are so very creative!
    Glad to hear your update on Dave and will be waiting anxiously to hear the results!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter and I send all my good vibes and hugs to you!

  27. Hi Kathy,
    Great project, it's just darling.
    and as always my prayers are with you and your family....and most especially your hubby. :)

  28. Love what you did with the frame! Love the clock hands! You are right, plethera is a great word. I'm going to have to start using it. Thanks for the update on Dave. Twyla

  29. Love the frame you created! Hope all continues to go well with your husband and the test results come back with great news! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  30. Dear Kathy,
    "Plethera" was also my husband, Patrick's, favorite word. He used it every chance he got and would smile when he used it. It just was a word that tickled him. He was a writer and words were his thing in life.
    I DO love your blog~!

  31. I'm new to your blog, but I know what it is to watch loved ones go through chemotherapy and hope against hope that all will be well. So far, we've been blessed.

    I hope your husband will weather the last round well and get PET scan results that light up both your faces and give you many, many more years together.



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