Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Front porch Fallerizing...

More subdued colors on the inside...

With a fun little "spooky" sign for looking forward to Halloween...that's as good as it gets for me with the Halloween decorations....emphasis on Autumn and Fall more...
Now ...show me some FALLERIZING !!!! xoxo~Kathy...


  1. I fallerized...and I think it is ugly...go look K? your is outstanding!

  2. I took my Susan Branch Autumn book out but that's as far as I'm ready to go right now. September can be really hot in Northern California and it doesn't really feel like Fall here until Thanksgiving....and then I'm ready to decorate for Christmas...haha! Yous looks really nice. I love the white pumpkin!

  3. Very pretty! I am slowly decorating with my fall stuff. :)

  4. Beautiful decorated! And happy autumn to you too!

  5. I am so not surprised you love Susan Branch:) Have you been to her website? I have been busy and remiss I will go see again..
    I love everything about her:) Kathy everything looks so good at your home.I am so impressed that you are taking the time to keep your home just so.

  6. Fallerize - I love that! Your autumn projects look great, they have me even more excited for fall now.

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice message! I love you bright, colorful photography and your mixed media treasures. So pretty and inviting!

  8. Everything is so beautiful! Even though it's cooler here than usual in Oklahoma, I'm afraid people would think I'd lost it if we started pulling all the pumpkins out already. Our air conditioner is still running fast and hard. :)

  9. I LOVE your fallerizing... what great Autumn decor you have!! I wouldn't mind some of your cooler weather...it has been in the 100s here and feels anything BUT Fall! :/

  10. What fun! Autumn is my favorite season!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I found you blog through Camilla at Home.

  11. YES!! I love it! You are SO good at this that I can hardly stand it! GORGEOUS!

    Oh...so that is why the wrinkles won't come out of those white pants and top. :) I'm kidding. I knew the wrinkled look was in...but I admit I do mess with it. A touch here..and a touch there.

    How I would love to run across some of those green plates. I passed some up once and have always regretted it! Now I want some white pumpkins! I feel a shopping trip coming on! :)


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