Wednesday, September 30, 2009


EEK !...Trying to bring in the Autumn season without the traditional colors can be a challenge...Ordered these letters from an "Upper Case Living" party and decided to put them on the outside of the glass frame...leaves me the option of changing the background easily that way. The cracked wood is really scrapbooking paper!!!...

I made a few tags ....added some ribbon and fun yarn to dress up the white pumpkins Mr. Wonderful found ...

Now that was a fun afternoon!!!!... We're supposed to go below 20 degrees tonight!
EEK !... EEK !... EEK!... , xoxo~Kathy


  1. OMG! You never cease to AMAZE me! I love the pitchers across the mantle ... that is awesome. The 'punkins are fantastic, also. As always, a peaceful elegant post. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Kathy, I love your riboon with the white pumpkin and cute. I may borrow this idea, if you don't mind. I have some upper case lettering around my home and love it.
    thanks, for sharing

  3. I love the clever 'Eek' sign!! The scrapbook paper really looks like wood!! I also love the tag and ribbon on the white pumpkin. Very nice.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Kathy!!


  4. Hi Kathy!
    I love the EEK!
    Oh and I also just love that the background is scrapbook paper!
    How cute!
    Great tags too!

    Bundle up tight tonight!

  5. Eek, indeed! It's almost 80 here in sunny south Georgia today - I can't imagine 20 degrees this early in the year. Brr....

    Love the pumpkins, the tags, and most definitely the "eek!"


  6. Oh I really like! And the white pumpkins also. We have the normal orange in our garden, maybe I should give to all the grand kids and find a couple of white ones! Yes, Jeff and I need to finish picking all the peppers and tomatillos that are left in our garden. We are just North of Howard City. Also love your pitchers. I have been looking for old yellow/cream ceramic vases to put on a hutch. I have one, will take me a while. Keep warm, we finally turned on the heat.

  7. I love it Kathy! Eek is fabulous! Clever application!!

  8. Kathy,
    I'm so glad you pointed me to your blog. I love your Eek better than mine. Yours is actually more my style. And I love the pumpkins. I love everything I see on your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. I may just have to find me some cracked wood scrapbooking paper & make my own.

  9. Beautiful post Kathy ... love all those white jugs. Jugs have the most elegant lines.
    If you have time to return the visit I am having a GIVEAWAY on my's open to everyone!

  10. Ohhhhh, I love the crackled background of EEK! How elegantly scary- *grin* And what adorable tags, too.
    Those are gorgeous white pitchers on the mantel, Kathy. I am just starting to buy and collect white pitchers and tea pots. Stay warm, okay. It's fall and I LOVE it!
    hugs, Sue

  11. I love your "eek" and other fall touches at your home -- looks great -- I WOULD have to EEK if we were going to be in the 20's tonight! Sooooo not ready for that yet!

  12. Really cute! Below 20!? Here in the south, we're thinking it's cold at 45!! :)

  13. Very nice! I love to take a holiday and use non-traditional colors! I did Christmas one year in taupe, silver and white. No red or green anywhere. It was lovely.

    Can't believe that is scrapbook paper! :)

  14. Hi, Kathy...I have missed coming by...painting rooms here and so busy. I'll never get caught up with everyone...just went back and read some of your posts I missed. Your walk in the garden photos are fabulous....and I adore your eek ...too cute.

  15. And I thought it was cold here this morning because I had to wear a jacket on my walk. My thermometer was slightly under 60 degrees! 20 degrees? No thank you.

    Love the EEK! Very cute!

  16. Love your new EEK! Don't you just love white-toned pumpkins, and your signs just make them more beautiful. I may have to copy your ribbon idea and sign around the pumpkins, at least the ribbon (I think I can handle that)...please, please forgive me! I'll give credit where credit is due. I would have never thought of that either! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. I just found your blog and I love it!! Your "Eek" and other fall decor are perfect for me and my colors. Thank you for sharing.


  18. SO lovely!! Even though it is not regular fall colors, it still puts me in a fall mood!
    I am adding you to my sidebar so I can find you easier!!

  19. Putting the words on the outside of the glass? Nothing short of genious!



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