Sunday, September 13, 2009


Often we will over look a single piece of silver....maybe thinking...I have nothing that matches this. What will I use this for even though I think it's beautiful....will it just sit in a drawer someplace....what will I do with it? Aside from all the "Crafts" using silver these days....Mix-Matched silver can be very endearing and charming. There is something about a grouping of silver sporting various patterns... the eye just dances back and forth from one surprise to the next! As your doing this eye dance the mind starts to catch on and pretty soon your setting up your own "ORPHANAGE" for lost silver!!!!

Where has this silver been?....What parties has it been to?...Who has loved it before me?...

I polish each one and enjoy watching them put on their best .....

I wonder when they are all put away......if one tries to pull rank and say.....I 'm the prettiest one adopted so far......JUST in case that should happen.... I reassure EACH one when I polish them....YOU are my favorite of all !!!!!....

Yes...I talk to the silver...positive affirmation is a good exercise !!!! Lol...Have a Silver Monday...xoxo~Kathy


  1. I loove the fork with the beaded edge, how elegant!!

    I too, collect the strays. When The Husband and I are perusing shops and I find a box of silver, he starts "the nudging"!!


  2. are a lady after my own heart! I talk to pretty much everything!!!...I promise each plant that if it grows, I will love it forever....I promise each seed I plant that I will take great care of it if it germinates....I talk to myself as I pick up and mumble at each toy every day...over and over...and sometimes, what I have to say is not so nice! lol
    I love visiting your always inspire me to do something I have considered...and then thought was not good!!! you are so creative...I best go...I have a drawer or unmatched pieces to pull out!

  3. Oh Kathy!
    I am so glad to know there is someone else out there that talks to their silver. I do the same thing as I bring them to life for the holidays, or when I bring a new piece home. I ask them where they have been, and welcome them to assure them this is their last stop, that they are home to stay. I love polishing, it is so relaxing to me. Thank you for sharing this. When I go to the GW one of the first places I stop is the silverware bin. I love it there. I spend a long time going through all of the pieces. Yes, you know I so love this new room. I sat there this mornig having breakfast, and just gazing with such happiness. It makes me so happy. We have been in this house for 14 years, and the dining room has always been white. I now know that color is so important. Blogging has helped bring out my personality. It is sure bright, hu?
    Loved your porch and all of your baskets. It looks so absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing sweetie. I have enjoyed this visit immensely. See ya soon. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  4. Beautiful stray pieces....and we understand... the talking to silver. :)

  5. I have silver orphans too...I can't stand to leave silver sitting on the shelf at Goodwill! I do have a set of silver given to me by a very special friend and I'm using it later this morning for my book club meeting.
    Happy Monday! Hugs, Leslie

  6. Good morning Kathy!
    I have some silver strays too...I can't stand to leave them on the shelf at Goodwill or a garage sale. I do have a set of silver given to me by a very dear friend that I use every chance I get. Happy Monday! Hugs, Leslie

  7. I love that look, and it is so much more interesting and fun than having all the silver match:>) You have some beautiful pieces!

  8. Kathy you made me smile..I have all my mom's silver..and some of it was my grandmother's on my father's side..I never knew a grandparent of mine.. But I think they would be happy that I polish their silver..:) And I speak to my silver too and say " Who will polish you when I am gone?:)"

    Jacques always won't care by then:)

    I like mismatched aslo..So sweet!

  9. I too have a love for silver, silverware, teapots, trays, you name it, I love it. They are so pretty all shined up or tarnished and tattered. And make the most beautiful things when repurposed. I will post my teapot next week. My friend Charlene is going to soulder the lid shut and I will be finished with it. Then I will display it in all its Glory.
    Your silverware is gorgeous!!!

  10. Beautiful! Beautiful! I love this post!

  11. Hi Kathy,
    I have been trying to reach you but my messages keep coming back, Your the winner of my blog candy at Gingersnap, please get in touch with ue asap, or we will have to draw a new name :(
    Lynn Stevens

  12. I love to collect silver and they do not match. Great blog.

  13. Mmmm, I want my fork to be used in some decadent, calorie ridden pie.

  14. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy & create with odd pieces. TY for a sparkling write today.

    Pop over & meet a new blog lady @

    TTFN ~Marydon

  15. I so agree with you about mismatched silver - I actually think it looks nicer than a matching set. And it opens up such wonderful collecting opportunities and you can never have too many of them! Leigh

  16. I am always on the look out for old silver pieces. I think pieces made a long time ago show more beauty than some things of today!

  17. Oh silver is exquisite and I think you should use it everyday, why save it for two or three times a year? I love your appreciation and collection of the beautiful unique pieces. By the way, everytime I look at your photo, you make me think of Connie Stevens.
    Happy Twirls

  18. I already collect teacups,teapots and plates...don't get me started on silver !(LOL)

  19. I have silver from all of my grandparents and also from some great-grandparents and also from my husband's family. Whew! I can set a table for 12 with with a matched set of silver. But I NEVER do that--I love mixing the patterns. It's like mixing my families and all my relatives.

    I also love to polish silver. You see the result right away! LOL, whenever I go to visit my mom she gets out all her silver and I spend a half a day polishing it. We both enjoy it--she gets polished silver and I have the fun of seeing it renewed.

    Thanks for posting this!


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