Monday, September 28, 2009


I must is a mess at first glance....BUT!, I know where everything is...doesn't that count for anything!!!!... My sewing room is very neat...the mixed media room is very neat!...
Sometimes creativity is a mess! ahh....messy Bliss!
Italian glass....I love it...
Because it behaves well...and does what I tell it !!!

Okay....I'll admit...this does look a LITTLE messy... see my torch? I love my torch...I like fire...

but...doesn't it make you want to reach out and touch ...the colors, the cool feeling of glass on your fingers....

This is where I've been hiding of late....working....getting ready...

I think Mr. "How can you work in this mess" is just a little upset because this room used to be where he made "Golf Clubs" he's been moved to the Garage.....What can I say????
"I'll make him some cookies"....he'll be fine!...Happy Monday , xoxo~Kathy


  1. Much more of an enterprise that I imagined! What a fun studio..I have no idea about glass jewelry..I did do stained glass but never must never be missing the perfect accoutrement:)

    I love that it can be so unique and personal.The added wire.. charms etc..

    Your bags are so darling too..When is the show? This weekend?

    You must be so busy..The house all your the sale close?

  2.! It looks like you could just sit down there and create something beautiful! Yes, I think you are right about the garage and a little pouting! ha-ha!

  3. Looks like the workspace of a creative genius to me. Have a marvelous week. Cookies will calm most souls.
    Happy Twirls

  4. What a great workspace! I love how you have all your things organized. Where do you sell your jewelry?

  5. Hey Kathy- This looks pretty darned organized to me... How cute is the name of your jewelry- Hot Flash! Keep the hubs happy and make him a really good batch of cookies. Chocolate chip, maybe? Guys seem to like those the best.
    A tall glass of cold milk and he'll be just fine! LOL

    hugs, Sue

  6. I'd hate for you to see my office, Kathy! Fun to catch up ... after meeting you, my summer fell apart but hope to keep up. Love my Michigan friends!

  7. That's not a mess ... tell your hubby he ain't see a mess till he's seen mine! LOL!!
    I thought the garage was always a man's workspace and everything inside was a woman's ... am I wrong? No of course not ... that's the way things are.

  8. Ha ha, that will surely put a smile on his face!
    Very good idea.

    Love your space.

  9. Kathy, it looks wonderful....I love it.

    I redid my studio in July....took me eight days of hard, hard work.

    Barb ♥

  10. Your mess is a very neat mess. Mine is still a hodge podge until everything else around me gets taken care of! Oh well, a little at a time. By the way, it looks like your leaves are really changing. With all the rain that we have had I'm surprised we have any leaves on the trees!!

  11. Oh! It is so beautifully organized, Have a sweet day! x

  12. Haha- golf clubs are much easier to make in the garage:) Love your work space!

  13. Cookies sure are a quick fix in my house. Especially chocolate chip. have a great day.

  14. Ooooohhhh, this makes me drool. Gorgeous colors!

  15. Ooh! I love your organized studio. The jewelry looks so colorful and lovely!

  16. WISH my mess looked that wonderful! Had a great trip, obviously.
    Have a BOO-tea-FUL weekend. TTFN ~Marydon


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