Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just passing on a little something I discovered...
Many of my sweet blogger friends have invited the snow widget to their blogs for the Holidays...I loved seeing that snow fall...so festive and pretty...I thought I'd join in and have a little snow fall on my blog too! I mean ...I'm from the North country, we already have snow up to our knees!!! So I went in and put the snow widget on and discovered how SLOW the scrolling process was on my blog!!!! Like a snail....Thought it was just my blog ...so I visited again my friends with the pretty falling flakes.... You know where I'm going with this....those pretty flakes seem to slow blog viewing speed down considerably...I LOVE the flakes...they just don't like my blog...Guess I'll just enjoy them outside! Batten down the hatches my friends...in the next three days they are calling for 11-24" of those pretty flakes!!!! Looking like a WHITE CHRISTMAS for sure...xoxo~Kathy.


  1. Your blog is jammed packed with plenty of Christams cheer even without the snow widget!

    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment, I adore you sweet friend.

    Love and tight hugs,

  2. Ah yes. I remember Michigan well! My sister called last night wanted to pick something up in Holland but was worried she wouldn't get there!
    I like the snow widget too. Kathy! But with all your decorations and music, you have Christmas galore without it.

  3. A very smart move, sugar!! They interrupt viewing something awful. I try to tell people but who listens to this ol' lady, huh?!?!?! LOL

  4. I know. I love the snow on the blogs, but not the loading them!

  5. Oh no..is mine slow for you?
    I would miss you:)

  6. Yes, the falling snow slows everything down. Thanks for not adding them!

  7. I think after a while people may not leave comments as usual because of the time it takes...I love you all and your sweet blogs, I certainly wouldn't not come and visit....I'll just pray it stops snowing soon! xoxo~Kathy

  8. I hqve the falling snow on my blog and love it! Yes, it's slow but I invite people to slow down, breathe, enjoy my photos and stay awhile on my blog. Especially if they don't have the real thing outside! Cathy G

  9. I was thinking about getting some of that snow!!!! But no, we will have enough of the real thing, won't we, neighbor? It had just better be gone by the weekend, I have travel plans!!


  10. Hi Kathy! You don't need the snow on your blog! You have so much pretty to look at! You know, I love that falling blog snow too but if a blog is too slow for me - I just move on. That's a shame. Don't I see snow out your window?
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. I would say from the news that we should all get out our snow boats in the next few days. It is raining and nasty here in Atlanta but we rarely get snow and when we do everyone runs out in the street and cheers! Now the snow on the blogs is super duper S L O W.

  12. well thank Goodness someone said it out loud!!! I agree! I had the snowflakes last year and found they caused more issues than they didn't!

  13. where did my comment go???? Blogger is driving me mental this week!!!
    I had the snowflakes last year and they were a hassle all the way around...I am so glad you posted this!

  14. Good Morning, girls...
    I removed the snow widget from my computer...I am wondering if the large pictures may have the same effect??? Especially the ones on dial-up.
    I never thought about that till Kathy mentioned the snow....Can I hear from anyone if they have a problem with that....
    glenda @ Serendipity Cottage

  15. Glenda...Morning sweeties...I don't know for sure about the photos...could be a factor on certain computers...I'm not feeling it here though...If you are, let me know. Glad you desnowed...I love visiting you.

    Tootsie...Good to hear, xoxo~Kathy.


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