Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Grand time with the GRANDS....

It is Grandma and PaPa time for a few days.... We are VERY busy and enjoying every minute...Here is a list of some of the special things we've been doing...
We went to Mackinac Island...and had a beautiful ride on a big boat.
We ate hotdogs and went to a "Butterfly House"...( My favorite) Pics to follow...
We made Caramel Corn...Went to the theatre and saw G-Force, (cute)...
We painted our finger AND toenails, (Pink of course)...
We made a dinosaur city...and we are half way done creating a princess crown.
We take "Tubbies "at night, and we Read lots of books.
We water the flowers and go for walks...We color lots of pictures so the refridgerator is not barenaked...
We ride our bikes and make necklaces...We laugh a lot...
Back soon my friends...Missing you all, xoxo~Kathy~


  1. Awwwwh! Sounds like a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to a week with two of our grands starting day after tomorrow! Can't wait!

  2. Howdy Kathy
    This sounds so wonderful.
    Please enjoy your special time together.
    We will all be here as soon as you return .
    Until then we will be joyfully awaiting all your fabulous stories and photos too.
    Blessings to you all .
    Happy Trails

  3. A few things..Love today's new header.. and today's photo..

    You are having fun!

    Doing a bit more grown-up things than we do're a few steps ahead of me:)
    I looked at our backyard yesterday and said:"Club med " for kids.. the inflatable pool..the towels..the toys..the hose..the ice cream and sippy cups:)

    Non stop moving w/ Happy Feet playing on the sound system over and over again:) How many do you have at once?
    Have I mentioned to you how beautiful your sidebar is w/ all of them there:)?!
    Have fun..!!

  4. Your Club Med for kids sounds very familiar Monique!...Ha! We have two right now Owen and Tenley Joy. You can see their photos on the side bar. Their Daddy is our son and "Youth Pastor at a church in the Holland area of Mich. Their Mother is a sweetheart and such a nice family all around, xoxo~Kathy. We are having fun!!! "Happy Feet" has been a regular here too!

  5. Hi sweet Kathy, so glad you are having a wonderful time with your grandchildren. Lovely! Such memories you are making.

    Hugs, Barb

  6. It all sounds like such fun! I loved going to the island when I was younger. Enjoy the memories in the making!


  7. Thanks for stopping by , I adore your beautiful porch .
    Just beachy

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my English Kitchen, and for leaving your lovely comment. You have a lovely blog here as well. Sadly my grandsons live very far away and I don't get to spend much time with them, in fact there are two out of the three that I have not even met yet and another on the way. Hopefully next year I will be able to spend some time with them and make some lovely memories for them like you have been able to do with yours!

  9. I love this post! What lucky grandchildren to have such a loving and creative grandma! They will treasure always that times that they spend with you!


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