Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The grounds were the perfect example of Michigans lush forests and outdoor life...
Our little cabin in the woods...

The Logs were huge...

Cedar roofing covered with lichen and moss... We are looking forward to our "Raincheck" golf sometime in the near future...When was the last time you got away for a little weekend ?...Maybe it's time, xoxo~Kathy~...


  1. What a pretty place to get away to. :) Oh it would be so nice for hubby and me to get away sometime. Aah, I can dream. :) (I love your music)

  2. Love the photos ~ I so miss the great outdoors of MI!


  3. So sorry your weekend was rained out. The Garland looks like a fabulous resort! And it sounds like they provided enough entertainment to keep you busy!!

    My son is a professional golfer at Olympia Fields Country Club here in Illinois. In spite of the fact that my husband taught him to golf, he now gives his father pointers!! I hope to get some private lessons in soon.

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. Jane...I would love to know which city on Illinois your son works at. My husband and I travel to Illinois quite often with his work, we are always interested in finding new courses to golf. Maybe because it is a Country Club it is closed to the public?, xoxo~Kathy, Up-North.

  5. I love your petite cabin in the woods:)
    What a cute romantic couple:) I am sorry also it got rained out..but just getting away from it all is fun isn't it?

    It seems that most times..when we have gone to the Cape in June..it rains:) I still love it~
    It's the scenery..the ambiance..the laziness of no tidying..gardening.. the adventure of it all.
    I think I like adventure now:) Not on my own..though..:)
    Looks like a gorgeous spot!Thanks for sharing~

  6. Gorgeous grounds...,, and the forest looks wonderful..., it's been a long time since I've last been in a forest actually.

  7. You are too sweet! I have a 19 year old son in college and a 17 year old daughter ~ I'm not young at all!


  8. Rain, guess that is why everything is so green. Looks like a wonderful weekend getaway. Wish it was so far!

  9. Oh, I love log cabins! And I love your photographs!

  10. Looks lovely!! I'm sure you had a wonderful time!



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