Monday, July 20, 2009

The Making of ..."THE SAUCE"

It's a Barbeque Sauce kind of day... Do you have recipes that are kept in your family ONLY??? Well... Mr. Wonderfuls grandfather owned a meat market for years back in the day and invented this wonderful recipe for what has come to be known as ..."THE SAUCE".

I'll be the first to say it is a lovely "Sauce" and my men like to eat it on everything...They get together once a year to carry on this "Man Cave" type ritual of making "THE SAUCE"

I, for one am delighted THEY do it ....That releaves me from having to endure the very pungent smell of it for FIVE HOURS... as it boils down and thickens...

My son "THE CHIROPRACTOR", (who couldn't even change his cloths from the office he was so excited to get started)... and of course "THE LOVE OF MY LIFE"...

Now they can make it through another year....Presenting..."THE SAUCE"... wait a minute!.. Did I just hear right?... You'd like to have the SAUCE making ritual at your house next year???
Great!!!! Go buy a mask and open your windows, xoxo~Kathy.


  1. That sauce looks yummy! Maybe they need to bottle it and sell it.

  2. You had my mouth watering as I was going through the post, I could hardly wait to get to the end for the recipe...If I have it at my house will you give me the recipe?

    Great photos and the men in your life are quiet handsome!!


  3. I bet it's delicious! My husband's dad had a meat/market épicerie!! That was his livelihood!:)

    Both of your men looks so nice!

    Yes!! La Recette?:) Please:)

  4. Sauce sounds and looks so yummy, thanks for your comment on my blog x

  5. Looks so good....Your pictures are so great....will be back to visit again..

  6. Hi Kathy! Being a Southerner, I can appreciate a good BBQ sauce and can imagine that vinegary smell, too! lol Well...I must admit that I was waiting for the recipe, but I guess it is a family secret, huh? Have a great week!...Debbie

  7. Those are "TWO HOT SAUCYS" in your kitchen. SAUCE looks amazing and I bet they can't wait to spend the rest of the summer and year outside playing with the BBQ.

  8. Yes... It is a Family secret... Hope you all understand... My husbands grandfather used to sell his sauce in his store and made the family promise to never Sell or give away the recipe. You'll just have to stop over for a barbeque...xoxo~Kathy,

  9. Sounds like a great tradition and looks good too!

  10. Hi Kathy,
    I can smell the sauce all the way from the east side and it smells delicious! I just bought pork ribs for dinner so could sure use a jar tonight.

  11. OH!!! The sauce looks delicious!! I can taste it now!!! Connie


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